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Which province is suitable for Chinese car exports to Russia?

STARRYCOVEH 2024-03-01

China’s Xinjiang is the main channel for car exports to Russia, and northeast China is so close to Russia, why not northeast China?

Geographical advantage

China’s Xinjiang enjoys unique geographical advantages,closer to European part of Russia, and three-quarters of Russia’s population is in Europe

This puts China’s Xinjiang region closer to its target market.

Low tariff

Cars coming into Central Asia from Xinjiang in China have lower tariffs and lower costs, so prices are more competitive.

Potential market

Central Asia market potential is tremendous, not only can be sold in central Asia, also can go to Russia and eastern Europe markets

Cars from northeast China entering Russia can only be sold in Russia.

The bonded warehouse for the export of cars to Russia is in Bishkek in Central Asia, not in Moscow, because Bishkek plays an important role in the process of the export of cars to Russia, just like the Chinese port of Tianjin.

New regulations issued

New regulations issued by Russia on April 1 will have an impact on Bishkek’s export of cars to the Russian market.

So until April 1, many automakers will speed up the efficiency of exporting cars to Russia and enjoy the dividends of the period.

Bishkek may see the first wave peak in 2024.


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